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Aura Laser & Skin Bar

Aura Laser & Skin Bar specializes in laser hair removal, using concentrated light beams that target hair follicles to result in hair removal. What sets this establishment apart is not only the services offered but also the dedicated and experienced experts who hold top-quality control certifications.

Founded by Stephanie, a passionate advocate for beauty, technology, and boosting individuals' confidence in their skin, Aura Laser & Skin Bar is a testament to her commitment. Stephanie brings a wealth of expertise in skincare, cutting-edge laser technology using Venus Epileve, and an unwavering dedication to ensuring the satisfaction of each client. Beyond technology, Stephanie has created a welcoming space where clients can truly feel comfortable and at ease.

Stephanie's approach is characterized by personalization, a results-driven method, and an educational journey for each client, guiding them towards confidence in their own skin.

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