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Brand identity includes all the visible elements associated with a brand, from logos and typography to colours, imagery, packaging, web design, marketing, and more.

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What's Included?

Brand Guidelines & Strategy \ Moodboard \ Icons \ Logo Variations \ Colour Palette \ Typography

Brand packages available upon request*


Every client is different, that's why we tailor our approach to manage each phase of our projects accordingly. Our branding process starts with targeted research and inspiration to help us get a better understanding of your vision, business objectives, and what you hope to accomplish. This collaborative effort ensures that we align our strategies with your goals.


After conducting research, we transition into the exciting phase of sketches and brand development. Here, we unleash our creativity, craft new ideas, and present concepts that will ultimately become the foundation of your brand.

3          REFLECTION

Leveraging our expertise, we review the effectiveness of our initial concepts and designs. Our focus is on questioning and refining what we create, constantly striving for better and more efficient ways to define your brand. Upon satisfaction, we proceed to finalize the design, initiating the preparation of all deliverables.


Once the client approves the designated set of revisions, we present the final project upon receipt of the final payment. At the client's request, we provide the files in a compressed folder. This comprehensive package includes an EPS working file, PDF, jpeg, png, and more, ensuring clients have all the necessary formats at their disposal. 

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