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  • What does our initial consultation include?
    To kickstart our collaboration, we'll have a 30-minute consultation where we will delve into your unique business aspirations and objectives. This discussion will enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your vision and the goals you aim to achieve together. Afterwards, you will recieve our on-boarding documents and consultation notes, accompanied by a contract and quote. These resources will provide you with a clear overview of the proposed strategies and the investment required to bring your vision to life.
  • How long does a project take to complete?
    That depends entirely on the project! A complex project can take several weeks, while a smaller project can be completed in a few days. We will be able to discuss a more concrete time frame during your initial consultation.
  • How much do you charge?
    Flat rates are offered for smaller requested projects and custom quotes for services with unique requirements. During the free initial consultation we will determine the scope of each new project, how much work will be involved, the timeline, budget, etc. I will suggest a design plan along with a quote once we have a thorough understanding of your goals.
  • Are fees negotiable?
    No, fees are based on how much work will be involved in creating a thorough design. Since I am not willing to compromise on the quality of our work, I cannot negotiate on rates. However, if your budget is constrained, I can reduce the scope of the project or break it down into phases to fit your goals.
  • What are your hours?
    Monday to Friady from 9AM - 5PM EST and some weekends. Emails are checked 1-2 times per day to allow more time to focus on current client projects and deliver the highest quality work.
  • What is the client's involvement in the design process?
    I actively encourage clients to share their inspiration, preferred colour combinations, moodboards, and any other ideas they may have. This valuable input helps me gain a deeper understanding of a client's desired style and aesthetics before embarking on a project. Throughout the design process, I will offer suggestions and recommendations. However, I place great importance on client approval, ensuring that all ideas and changes are given the green light proceeding with my work. Your satisfaction and creative vision remain at the forefront of our collaboration!



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