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Health with Kiera

Kiera, whose biggest life goal has always been to build a multi-faceted business model, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by establishing her first social media marketing business in 2019. As she approached the fifth year, she recognized the opportune moment to expand and delve into a second business venture.


While social media marketing and digital creation remained integral to her daily activities, guiding her through the dynamic landscape of the industry, a new passion began to take root – health and wellness.


Currently immersed in her studies to become a Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach, Kiera expresses profound gratitude for this newfound path. She encourage others to embrace growth in new directions and take chances on ideas that ignite passion.


Kiera openly shares her experiences of encountering failed ideas and businesses, emphasizing that her aim as a Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach is to contribute to the improvement of others' lives through her knowledge, helping to fill their cups in meaningful ways.


For those ready to pursue their fears and invest in their dreams, Kiera extends a heartfelt encouragement. If becoming a future client resonates with you, she invites you to stay tuned for more updates on @healthwithkeeks

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