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Hockey Helps the Homeless

HHTH is a not-for-profit hockey charity that brings together a community of over 20,000 generous donors, 3,000 dedicated players, and 1,000 passionate volunteers to organize Pro-Am hockey tournaments across Canada.

Since its establishment in 1996, HHTH has made an extraordinary impact, granting over $24 million to combat homelessness. 

HHTH commits to keeping 100% of the net proceeds within the community where the tournament takes place. This is made possible through partnerships with more than 50 local homeless support agencies across Canada.


Their tournaments serve as platforms for players to raise funds and directly contribute to making a positive impact in their communities. Through the power of hockey and the dedication of their supporters, HHTH continues to make a tangible difference, promoting awareness, mobilizing resources, and fostering a brighter future for Canadians affected by homelessness.

Branding and Signage

At Hockey Helps the Homeless, I independently lead the design of all marketing and promotional signage. My creative expertise extends to designing digital and print marketing materials, ranging from jerseys and branded clothing to billboard and bus campaigns, websites, sponsorship packages, reports, event signage, presentations, social media and more.

HHTH Pattison Halifax

In preparation for the highly anticipated 2022 tournament, a campaign featuring a registration billboard and bus advertisement was launched in Halifax, spanning seven weeks. The billboard stood prominently in the city centre, while the bus advertisement traversed the streets of Halifax daily. With its imagery showcasing pro NHL alumni in action, the campaign was designed to urge viewers to secure their spot in the upcoming tournament.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 4.07.28 PM.png

Jersey Design

I have had the incredible opportunity to lend my creative expertise to the exciting world of sports apparel by designing over 100+ player jerseys for all HHTH tournaments held across Canada. Matching pantones, collaborating with vendors, and integrating sponsor logos, I always ensure every detail aligns with the tournament's guidelines. 

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